Amazon offer lend over 40 movies at prime video for 99 cents each

Prime members can lend on Amazon Prime Video Movies like Mortal Kombat and Audrey for only 99 cents.

It is again the first Friday of a month and accordingly there is the possibility to borrow movies for prime video especially favorable. The action takes place always on the first Friday of the month and only applies to Prime members.

The offer applies: Amazon offers the possibility to lend over 40 films for 99 cents by September 5th.

Lending movies for 99 cents each

Lending movies with trial subscription: If you have not yet had no subscription from Amazon Prime, then you can complete the 30-day sample membership. Thanks to this you can then borrow the films for 99 cents each. In addition, you have the opportunity to see the possibility of selected football games of the UEFA Champions League live in September. In addition, you benefit from free shipping, prime video with all its films and series, as well as from Twitch Prime with the free games like Battlefield.

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The 5 best rated movies to borrow

These films are worthwhile loud IMDB most: We picked you five films in Amazon Prime Video, who have the best IMDB rating.

  • The conductor (IMDb 7.3)
  • Brothers (IMDb 7,1)
  • Born A Champion (IMDb 6.9)
  • Bleed for this (IMDB 6.8)
  • The night of the beast (IMDb 6: 7)

DARKSCAPE RAIDS BOSS (this is just one stage of it)

How long can I watch lent movies? As soon as you have laughed a movie, he is available at Amazon Prime Video 30 days. Note, however, that as soon as you want to look at him, just stay 48 hours to finish him.

Once you have looked a movie to an end, he is no longer available in your video library.

Borrowed films looking everywhere: The films that you have laugh at Prime Video can just look through the Amazon app on your smart devices. Alternatively, of course in the browser.

Lending movies for 99 cents each

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