Golf Club Wasteland Irraded cows and more in the story

Between radiated cows on the fairways and dilapidated discounts in subway stations: Golf Club: Wasteland is a game about stories. Of course, great issues such as the climate catastrophe, the infringement of silicone valley culture and the inequality of prosperity are addressed.

But there are also more personal stories of the few people who still live on Mars. Stories about loss, nostalgia and loneliness to name only a few.

A new story trailer illustrates such a possible history that the players will experience – a story that is of bitterness or even the guilt of survivors. Everything revolves around the memory of something so everyday like the odors that you will never experience again.

Demagog Studio has also put together two animated music videos to give the players a taste of the chilly melodies they accompany as they put through the remains of humanity.

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Track 1 – Take my hand:

Track 5 – two astronauts:

The complete 2-hour soundtrack will be available as a free digital download with each specimen of the game. In addition to the soundtrack, players receive a free 55-page digital Graphic Novel Charlie’s Odyssey, which deals with the history of the Charlie game help. Why exactly the enigmatic and meanwhile disillusioned astronaut has swept the back to the Mars colony project so fast?

Golf Club: Wasteland appears on September 3, 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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