LOL tired of Jetel Loli The new hero Wei Co publicly has a long distance displacement mid circle

RaiderZ in 2021

All the non-humanistic Loli is coming! League of Legends Releases the new hero 影 影 巫 Wei Sili (VEX) latest promotional film, the small Jender of the World is going to give the mortal lessons! It can be seen from the film that Wei’s silk is not interested in light, and the sun is not interested. It is more sincere in the dark environment. When I saw Elwen, I couldn’t help but Tao. Look at the tree, enough Stupidness, the degree of tiredness is full. The bullings that are attached behind her seem to be traged by Wei’s mood, and with her joys and sorrows. In the past, RIOT has revealed that Wei Sili will be a mid-circle mage. It also shows her skill effect in the film. It not only causes fear of the enemy within the scope, but also quickly travels to the battlefield support with shadow displacement. Wei Co will be opened first on the PBE server, which is expected to officially debut in version 11.19 at the end of September.

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