Detailed announcement such as BattleField Mobile traditional Conquest etc 2022 delivery schedule

Electronic Arts announced the details of BattleField Mobile for mobile distributed in 2022.

It has been newly published in the production of 2022 delivery scheduled in April and as a work that can enjoy skill-based gameplay by Industrial Toys development, and further details of this work are being published.

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2021 A test for Android terminals will be started in a part of the Autumn, and the basic play is free, initially appeared in Conquest Mode, Battlefield 3, which is the same series classic rule. The Grand Bazaar map could be played as follows.

  • The play test of Battlefield Mobile plans to be implemented sequentially in the form of gradually expanding the area from the fall of 2021. At first, Indonesia and Philippines are targeted.

  • To participate in the test, as the player’s decisions in the area where the player lives, it is more than the pre-registration that will be opened on the Google Play Store managed page. Even if registered, the invitation system and server registration frame are first-served.

  • The service form is basic play system. Proprietary battle path, cosmetics and unlock items available.

  • The target model is undecided. Although it specializes on Android 7.0 or higher smartphones at beta, it will work with many devices currently under development.

  • Not compatible with cross platform play with PC and console.

  • The contents of play can be under development so as to be able to feel the essence of Battlefield. The first thing that can be played is Grand Bazaar map and Conquest only. We plan to announce the details when formal delivery is close.

  • Development is in charge of Industrial Toys, ALEX Seropian, who is one of Bungie co-founders who worked on the Halo series. Overall, joint development with the previous BF development team, including DICE.

  • Test play gameplay progress is not handed over to the official version.

  • Technology test period delivers tested versions only with Google Play Store.

  • The specific content is not released at the moment for the planning of the live service.

You can check the Google Play store page of Battlefield Mobile here.

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