Appelkamp About Wirtz and Adeyemi A sign that you can do it

On Sunday, the German U-21-stroked landed in Latvia’s capital Riga. There, the newly formed team of coach Stefan Kuntz will probably meet on the course for the first time on the course of Tuesday evening (18:15 am Live! At Riga), after the kick-off opponent San Marino as expected on the 6-0 success of the DFB juniors as not competitive Has.

There was still room for improvement. In a video session Kuntz and his coaching team explained to the pros, why they were no longer satisfied with the presentation after the 5-0 pause level. Especially in terms of positioning and room layout it haperted against an opponent who was offensive never dangerous. The second half was not our claim, we have to do better, said Shinta Appelkamp on Monday as part of a digital media round.

Düsseldorf’s midfielder celebrated in a 4-4-2 system with rhombus on the ten DFB debut, although he had already been part of the squad at the latest U-21-EM title at the beginning of June. At short notice, Appelkamp had slipped into the squad for the injured Janni Serra, but was the only field player without an expense minutes.

Appelkamp sets up home in the U 21 as a destination

After changing the generational change, he now wants to play a major role – in the club as in the U 21. My claim is to always stand in the square from the beginning, says the son born in Tokyo of a Japanese mother and a German father, which has already completed a bet for Japan’s U-18 selection. Now his focus is on the tasks with the oldest DFB juniors who have the chance to reach the fourth EM finale in series. Even though he has experienced this year’s triumph close up from the replacement bench and came to the taste, he pushes this goal at the end tournament in Romania and Georgia on 2 July 2023: We do not need to talk about it. First of all We have to create the qualification and then go step by step.

An even greater motivation than a U-21 final participation or even a title win brought the Sunday TV evening for Appelkamp and Co. with them. As a team, the U-21 juniors looked at the playful appearance of the A national team at the 6-0 ridge victory against Armenia. As a temporator and executor of the sixth hit with: Florian Wirtz and Karim Adeyemi, both of which were with Appelkamp a few weeks ago U-21 European champion. It’s great when guys who were here come to the national team. The U 21 is there, it’s a sign that you can really do it. Of course, we are all very proud of the boys. At the edge victory of the DFB-EC eleven in Stuttgart, Hoffenheim’s David Room was also replaced by the U-21 European main capers.

The ensemble of Hansi Flick – certainly for Appelkamp a dream destination, which is still in some distance. In the present, the 20-year-old wants to successfully solve the EM Quality task in Latvia and then it should also go uphill in the club.

Appelkamp About Dusseldorf’s start: We have introduced ourselves differently

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With four points from five games, the Fortuna did not give a good start. We have imagined that differently, especially because we were badly started badly. The results do not necessarily reflect our services. In many games we have shown what we have shown what we do, offensive and with a lot of pressing Act. But we have not been able to overcome it in good results. That’s why it’s in the weekend in Aue, that we finally get three points again, Appelkamp demanded, which has so far been in four out of five games in the Düsseldorf launcher.

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