Doom Eternal Video reveals color blind options customization of the user interface and more

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The exporting producer Marty Stratton talks about the variety of possibilities that the players will have.

Ribs and tearing is a core component of ID software unction series. In doom EWIG The development team has implemented a series of input help to ensure that everyone can easily tear. Check out the executing producer Marty Stratton, which goes through these options with IGN FIRST below.

In addition to the ability to customize target support and target support intensity, players can also customize color-blind options with three available modes. You can also set the strength and intensity of the selected color blind mode as well as its contrast and brightness. HUD scaling and opacity can also be changed for those who want a minimum user interface.

It is sufficient to say that there are many options for an optimal demon suffiance experience. Doom EWIG will be released on 20 March for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Google Stadia (with the Nintendo Switch version). Take a look at some current gameplay images that show the degree of difficulty Cyberdemon and Nightmare.

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