Two last minute gates hold baroque city

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Rest in Peace | Side Case | The Sinking City

The FC Hanau 93 threw everything into the scales against the sovereign leaders. Nevertheless, it did not even reach a counter. And that, although the guests were lead to the 87th minute.

But first all right from the beginning: The eleven of Kreso Ljubicic started Resort, stood defensively well, made the rooms tight and did not really make the favorite baroque towns in the initial phase. It was rarely forward for Hanau. After half an hour, the hosts were gradually better. Countable but not jumped out for you. Twice the ball clapped the post, once Hanaus Keeper Brao was in the highest emergency. Accordingly, goats went into the cabins.

Nothing changed after the break. Fulda Lehnerz was game-determining, a hit wanted the homeland against well-staggered Hanau but still not succeed. And if you do not use your opportunities in the front, you will be punished in the back. So also in the 62nd minute, as a branch of spacer slope unsustainable for wolf in the mesh. Baroque city was forced to act, but remained safe for a long time. Only in the 87th minute, when it already smelled strongly after the first saison defeat, the leaders still succeeded. Reinhard first dusted for compensation. And hype turned in the fifth minute of reflection time with his powerful conclusion even the game for the ultimately lucky favorite victory. While the SG Baroque city has already already 15 counters on the account and the table already leads with four points lead, the FC Hanau 93 remains with only one counter at the end of the tables.

The next chance of countable Hanau has on Sunday, then it goes to the basement duel for the SiStless SV Neuhof. For the SG Baroque city, on the other hand, on Saturdays the top match is at the worst pursuer Erlensee.

SG Baroque Town Fulda Lehnerz – FC Hanau 93 2: 1

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