Here the Trailer of The Matrix Resurrections

A ribbon cord (likewise called multi-wire planar wire) is a cable with several conducting cords running parallel to each various other on the exact same flat plane. Therefore, the wire is broad as well as flat. Its name originates from its resemblance to an item of ribbon.Ribbon cables are normally seen for internal peripherals in computer systems, such as hard disks, CD drives as well as saggy drives. On some older computer system systems (such as the BBC Micro and Apple II series) they were made use of for external links too. The ribbon-like shape hinders computer air conditioning by interfering with airflow within the case and also makes the cable televisions unpleasant to manage, specifically when there are a whole lot of them; because of this, round wires have actually nearly totally replaced ribbon wires for external connections and are progressively being utilized internally too.

After the premiere of The Matrix Revolutions in 2003, many thought that Neo’s journey had come to an end. However, at the end of this year we will see a fourth ribbon from this universe, and the expected first trailer of The Matrix Resurrections has arrived.

The trailer begins with Neo, who is now Thomas Anderson, talking to a therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris. Our protagonist talks about his dreams of the moments in which he was disconnected from the Matrix. Afterwards, we can see the boring and stagnant main character in a routine. However, that changes when he meets Trinity, by Carrie-Anne Moss , but the two do not realize his story together.

The Matrix Resurrections will be available at HBO Max and in Cinemas on December 22 . Considering the end of the third ribbon, it will be very interesting to see how characters like Neo and Trinity are back. On related topics, one of the co-creators of The Matrix reveals why she did not return for the new tape.

Via: Warner Bros. Pictures

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