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This is remarkable: After only six matches, the distance between the first and second placed is already seven counter. This is mainly because Primus SG Baroque city distanced the so far sharpest pursuer FC Erlensee on Saturday with a 1-0 success. In a high-class like racy duel, the Fuldaer had the better end for themselves. Moritz Reinhard succeeded just before the break, the decisive gate when he had to put the ball only in an advantageous situation. Through two was then a thrilling matter, Erlensee never stuck up, ran until the last second and delivered the Primus a great fight. Nevertheless, an entertaining top game decreased around 600 spectators at the end to the favorite guests.

1.FC 06 Erlensee – SG Baroque city 0: 1

As the sharpest pursuer of the SG Baroque city, relegated Eintracht Stadtallendorf can now apply. The table in the table has a ten counter behind – but also two lots less completed than the SG. On Saturday, Eintracht landed also in height 3: 0 success against Buchtonia Flieden. The del Angelo Williams returned after injury was with two hits man of the game – worth seeing 1: 0 goal from the distance. The own goal for the meantime 2: 0 after a crossed was already the decision after the break. At no time did the Eintracht lost control of the game, but did not do more than necessary in some phases. Lieden struggled, but rarely appeared dangerous.

Meanwhile, the Hünfeldie SV separated from FSV Fernwald 2: 2 and continues to place three place. It was a just draw, in which FSV-Keeper Pierre Kleinhider was in the center. He showed worth seeing parades, caused a penalty and injured harder at the knee – not without then bite on the teeth and first – including gloss parade – to continue playing. In the end there was no winner in an otherwise pretty highlight arms. For long-term forest it was the fourth draw in the fifth game.

On Sunday then, the SV Neuhof conceded the next neckless against the FC Hanau the next night strike: A competitive game was lost with 2: 3. Calabrese was after entertaining first half in passage two of the contactors of the decisive winning gate for the previous final light Hanau. The red lantern goes to the SV Neuhof for the time being after this sixth match day. The second season win in the fifth game, Regionalliga relegated FC Bayern Alzenau, who turned a residue in a 2-1 win at the SV Steinbach.

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