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Wild game with a happy end for the SG Wattenscheid 09: The former Bundesliga club drove his third victory against Westfalia Rhyners in the third game. What happened after a quarter of an hour, but that was the opposite of pleasing: guest player little injured in a shot attempt so hard that he immediately had to go to the hospital. After that, football was announced again, and Höninge met in the 42nd minute after a beautiful preliminary work of Yildiz for SGW leadership. In the break, Rhyners could collect and digest aid as well as small injury. This also succeeded, Sezer marked the compensation in the 50th minute. But shortly thereafter dribbled Wattenscheid’s Yildiz successfully over the wing and was with his next good template – now on Canbulut – decisively responsible for the superior leadership. The way for Rhyners became increasingly difficult because Joswig picked up yellow-red after a good one hour after two tactical fouls. So the guest reached for a standard back, Sezer circle in the 87th minute a free kick for 2: 2 in the stitches. The SV Westfalia met the post on another free-kick, but in the 90th minute the zero nonsters decided the game, Casalino came in the penalty area at the end and shot placed.

The second nine-point club is the FC Eintracht Rheine. Already in the 9th minute fell against Westfalia Herne the hits of the day by Maier. Herne, however, was close to joining at least one point, but the last quixturse in the offensive was just missing. So it remains at zero points after three games.

SG Wattenscheid 09 - Borussia Mönchengladbach U23  3:2 (1:2)
Attachment lessons could have given the TSG Sprockhövel, which hit the RSV Meinzhagen with 6: 1. As double organs made D’Hone and Ciccarelli attentive, also Antwi-Adjej and Maron were allowed to celebrate, while Meinzhagen was analogous to Herne without counter on the account.

Two different halves saw the viewers between the TuS Ennepetal and the ASC 09 Dortmund. The homelif went through Külpmann (26.) and mats (43.) with a 2-0 in the break, then Dortmund was within twelve minutes by Dahoud (46.), Selkos (51.) and Podlieb (57.) Front and saved this lead over time.

When Flock met the post for FC Gütersloh against the TuS holders in the 3rd minute, a goal seemed to be a matter of time. But holders was an uncomfortable opponent for the East westphalia, which always combined in front of the gate, but remained loseless. Similarly, it happened to the sports friends victories against Prussia Münster II, even here it was 0: 0.

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