Explanation of Fortnite Financing Stations What weapons and elements you can unlock and how they work

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With the launch of chapter 2 of season 8, Epic Games presented Funding stations of Fortnite in the mix. These interactive elements around the island allow the community to work together to unlock new weapons, elements and game functions. But how do they work exactly and what elements can you unlock with them? Here is all you need to know about funding stations in Fortnite.

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What are financing stations?

Financing stations are bulletin board with a small yellow chest next to them that are sprinkled all over the map, close to the named locations.

A Financing Station in Fortnite

They allow players to deposit gold bullion to vote on the new weapons expected to reach the island, favorites to retire and other characteristics of the game to introduce during the season. Thanks to Forttory and Defaulting12 for sharing this information.

How many gold ingots should be deposited at a financing station?

At the time of writing this article, it remains to be seen exactly how many gold bars you should deposit a player to be able to vote. That could change depending on what you vote, but we will update this as soon as we learn.

How often will the voting periods of the financing station will be carried out?

It remains to see how long players will have to vote for their favorite weapons or vaulted articles to return to Fortnite’s financing stations, or what new weapons are expected to reach the game.

What weapons can you unlock first?

It seems that Fortnite’s financing stations will first allow players to vote for the return of the following weapons and articles:

Grenade launcher
AR framed
Remove the fault

This information comes from images shared by the Ifiremonkey filter that seems to reveal these elements, along with the turrets, as the first batch of elements that players can vote on Fortnite’s financing stations.

Images of the financing station: pic.twitter.com/3Abrbozquh

  • IfiremonKey (@ifiremonkey) September 13, 2021

That’s all you need to know about Fortnite’s financing stations. We will update this guide once we immerse ourselves in the game and learn more about this new function. To get more information about the new season, be sure to search financing or consult more content from our new season below.

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