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An exclamation mark has set the 1st FC Erlensee on Wednesday: with 7-0 the current two-placed the Buchonia from Flieden and thus strengthens its pursuit. As a reminder: in the first leg, which is not even a month ago, the teams told the 1: 1 the counters. This time, Flieden started quite neatly, through a Kreinhihl-Abstauber and Wagner’s fifth seasonal goal, there was a break 2: 0 for Erlensee. The dams broke after re-stop: Wagner placed two hits, Luedke, Frey and Nene by penalty for the heavy final result.

Tighter boxes were the other games of the matchday: but not necessarily a playful treat was the derby between the SV Steinbach and the Hünfeldie SV, which ended with a 1: 1 draw. The guests went early through a controversial foul foul in front, Vogt turned. The compensation dropped ten minutes after restart, Stadler benefited from a position failure in the guest behind. Shortly before the end, Hünfeld honed with a handpielding situation, which was laid by the referee but outside the penalty area. So it remained at the bottom line just points. Steinbach remains in the basement, Hünfeld slips a place from fourth place.

Headball duel in the rain: Erlensee Tim Nikolas Zimpel (white) against Fabian Schaub. Imago Images / Patrick Scheiber

After this seventh matchday, the Eintracht from Stadtallendorf has taken over the third place, which – due to only five graduated lots – underlines the current role as the first Baroque city pursuer. At the same time Stadtallendorf lay back early after a goalkeepatzer and a cheeky Solak attempt, but then came to compensation before the break by a foul feet. The decisive goal of the day managed a quarter of an hour before the end of Del Angelo Williams, who retained the nerves in front of the Keeper. A hard piece of work for the Eintracht, which remains unbeaten. Far forest remains in place after this first saison discontinuation.

The first saison-firer of the SV Neuhof, which defeated the KSV Baunatal with 1: 0. The gate of the day in a weak game scored shortly before the pause Sabate, who tunneled the keeper. Especially the guests disappointed because the homely could not reinstate, but it remained exciting until the end. Neuhof hands over the red lantern with the FC Hanau, who lost the SG Baroque city in his game of seventh matchday a week before.

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