Battlefield 2042 Release appointment moved updates to the beta

DICE moves the release date of Battlefield 2042. How the developers will report in an open letter, the publication of the new ego shooter is now planned for November 19th. This shifts the release deadline for just under a month backwards: So far, the new BF should come on 22 October for PC and consoles on the market. Now the new DICE shooter appears shortly after Genrekonkunstirent Call of Duty Vanguard (November 5).

In the statement, the makers write that the development of the next Battlefield generation brought out unpredictable challenges during a global pandemic. In view of the size of the game, the developers had hoped that the teams can work together again together in the studios on the ego shooter when the launch is approaching.

Through the current conditions that do not allow a secure working environment, and with all the work that the developers manage at home, we found it as important to give us extra time to our vision for Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 57, 99 € / 53.99 €) to deliver for our players, commented Oskar Gabrielson, Vice President at DICE.

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The enthusiasm of the players is very inspiring. Fans are allowed to play in Battlefield 2042 soon: Even before the release, an open beta takes place to the ego shooter. Although the concrete dates are not available. However, that could change soon: in the open letter, DICE promises to submit updates to the Open Beta during the month. Shortly before the announcement of the appointment, rumors already made the round by the Internet, according to which DICE could not comply with the targeted release of Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 2042

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