28GHz 5G subway wifi is 10 times faster

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Wi-fi in the subway is 10 times faster. The existing LTE-based technology is a method of replacing 28 GHz 5G technology. Also, simultaneous connections are also significantly increased through Wi-Fi 6e specifications.

The Ministry of Science and Technology Information The Department of Information and Communications Department launched a subway Wi-Fi performance improvement demonstration that utilizes 28 GHz 5G in the New Relevant Station of Subway 28 and 28th.

Wi-Fi is a great help to distribute the rapidly increasing mobile data traffic. However, in the subway carriage, the Wi-Fi environment is poor.

In the actual subway history, Wi-Fi average speed is 367.24 Mbps, but it is 71.05 Mbps in the subway carriage.

Among them, 28GHz-based 5G was considered to be a technology that can improve it.

The 28GHz is a short circuit, even if the transmission rate is fast, even if the transmission rate is fast. However, in the subway tunnel, unlike the general urban environment, it is longer. The 28GHz 5G is the reason why the subway was an alternative to Wi-Fi backholm network.

Within the current subway carbons, the LTE signal is received in the mobile communication base station, replacing it with Wi-Fi in the train, which is replaced by 28 GHz 5G.

A 28GHz 5G base station is established on the subway line and a receiving apparatus for receiving a 5G signal in the subway engine room, which is a method in which communication is connected through a WiFi 6E router through a Wi-Fi 6E router.

Park Tae-wan and the Ministry of Portions Explained that LTE-based backwash network and Wi-Fi 4 WiFi 5 standards, which use the LTE-based backwall network and the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, said Wi-Fi 4 Wi-Fi 5 standards,

28GHz 5G is a rate of 3 to 4 Gbps levels, and some speed losses when converting to Wi-Fi, but it is provided with 700 Mbps in the subway carriage, he added.

In other words, it means that it is 10 times faster than the current subway WiFi at the 70Mbps level.

On this day, the subway line line 2 is scheduled to improve the performance and the technical verification of the performance while initiating demonstration. Since the 28GHz 5G-based subway Wi-Fi application section is expanded, the wireless Internet environment in the subway is expected to be greatly improved.

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