Prussia Coach Hildmann suspects in Homberg Tough ham

Seven games Siegloss, 19th place in the table, first round in the trophy: On the paper, the VFB Homberg should go out of the favor of the favorite Münster on Saturday against the favorite Münster. Of course, guest coach Hildmann knows about the starting position, but warns his actors to underestimate the opponent: Homberg stands with his back to the wall and will not want to lose on. But we want to take the three points – but the head must play together and The attitude to be right, otherwise there is problems against every opponent.

With patience against the fight

Especially the use of the hosts the Münster coach sees great strength: Homberg is an unpleasant opponent. They live on their fight, the commitment to the ball. This game applies to accepting and developing a greed. Because, so Hildmann continues: Only with technology and short pass play will not be successful there. So the game could quite be a tough ham , where his players would also be patient in addition to fighting qualities.

Two players that meet exactly these requirements sees the 49-year-old in newcomer Robin Bricks and midfield motor Dominik Klann. The former is a real mentality player , who quickly found himself into the team and his body language was outstanding . Klann, who was only in the last games to the starting eleven Hildmann, meanwhile convinced – in addition to his reliability and loyalty – especially through his runner class: This is a great thing for me as a coach a great thing to have such guys. He also supplies you his 12.5 kilometers off.

Three returnees for three points

Vorbericht: VfB Homberg (A)
In addition to the two mentioned can also contribute to the Lippstadt in the trophy at Lippstadt for ahead of Luke Hemmerich and Marvin Thiel for a possible success of Münster. Similarly, Manuel Farrona Pulido was able to participate again in the training of the Prussia, which will still raise three actors of U 23 to the professional ads on Saturday. Because Marcel Hoffmeier is yelly-locked, explains Hildmann, and concludes with the premise for Saturday: The main thing we take the three points tomorrow, which has top priority.

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