The wheel of time scene from the first episode already look

Although the series goes the wheel of the time only in November 2021 to the start, but you can already see two minutes from the first episode. Among other things, the first appearance of Moiraine Damodred, which is played by Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, I Care A Lot).

What s it in the wheel of time?

The Fantasy Series The Wheel of Time is based on the extensive work of the author Robert Jordan. The story revolves around the magician Moiraine Damodred, which draws with a group through the world. What your comrades do not know: Moiraine is looking for one among them, who should be a reborn dragon. According to a prophecy, this being will either save or destroy the world. In any case, the general premise – we do not want to anticipate further story details from the books, so spectators who are not familiar with the template remain spoilers!

If you want to know more about the template, you will find a special about Robert Jordan s iconic book series.

The Cast of Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike plays Moiraine Damodred
Madeleine Madden plays Egwene Al vere
Barney Harris plays Mat Cauthon
Zoe Robins plays Nynaeve
Josha Stradowski plays Rand Al thor
Marcus Rutherford plays Perrin Aybara
Daniel Henney plays Al lan Mandragoran
Michael Mcelhatton plays Tam Al thor

Moiraine (A Character Examination) -The Wheel of Time
Are you looking forward to new fantasy food or are you just coming well without dragons, magic and magician? Are you looking forward to seeing more on the series produced series in Middle earth, which will play centuries before the Lord of the Rings? We are looking forward to your comments!

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