Medieval Dynasty in the test frustrating marathon in the Middle Ages with good core principle

Medieval Dynasty promises a mix of RPG, Survival-adventure, time strategy and simulation. It will take a different approach than other titles with medieval setting. The makers do not want to tell of glorious castles and noble knights on warhorses, but the life from the perspective of supposedly ordinary country people. This concept has allowed us to be noisy, so we have extensively tested the adventure through their paces – including that phase where we spend hours admiring a wall. It s complicated.

In Medieval Dynasty we slip from a first person perspective in the skin of the 18-year Racimir. The eldest son succeeds as the only member of his family to flee during the war from his home. His goal is the village of his uncle Jordan, which he knows from the stories his mother. This is communicated to us in one of the few film sequences, and there is only in this early video English dubbing. After that we have to deal with – content texts – after all, German. The game begins in the aforementioned village and we learn of Uniegost, the steward of the community, a sort of mayor that our uncle is no longer among the living.

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But does Uniegost us free to build on a piece of land a new, own dynasty. Thus the overall story and at the same time also the motivation of our character set.

settlements for beginners!

Let me introduce Racimir, 18 years old and an orphan. One of the rare moments in which we our character is get to see right at the beginning. Spiegel did not exist after all. Source: PC Games fast we collect the first stones and sticks, are making a hammer and put us from our first house rooms, in prime time strategy-style. We get the opportunity to complete a separate village from the ground up to create. Here we are a large number of buildings to choose from, such as a blacksmith, a material store or a kitchen. All these buildings is switched gradually by collecting experience points in the corresponding region free, for example survival technique. It is this process is the core essence of the game and provides long-term motivation.

It gets really exciting then when we bring, for the first time living in our village. Travelers who (buy now € 19.90 / € 23.99) in Medieval Dynasty for some inexplicable reason always sit around the campfire, can be recruited for our village. In return, we provide them with safe housing and basic food, they work for us. The tasks start while collecting logs and end in the manufacture of complex tools.

A drawback is, however, here collected the way how the resources or manufactured. So the log ends up easily in our chest, without even a tree has fallen. This disturbs the atmosphere. The management of all our villagers achieved through a well thought out menu. Basically we can with enough residents at some point sit back and watch them at work. However, especially in the beginning, it proves mammoth task of supplying beside himself even villagers. What I have reached the next promised gameplay aspect: Survival.

chase in the Middle Ages

The administration menu is well done and lets you manage your well-residents very much. There you can also them working and sleeping spaces allocate. Source: PC Games The survival aspect is in the first hours quite demanding. At the beginning our good Racimir lives from hand to mouth, even more so after our launch resources are depleted. So we go on the hunt, an activity that is almost impossible incredibly tiring and pending receipt of the arc. Apart from rabbits bring very little meat yield, each animal is faster than us. Here, they will not be tired after a certain time, but always run on.

Only with the receipt of the hunting lodge, we can gradually relax as we automate the production of meat. a villager we will arrange for this building, it collects regular quantities of meat and the endless running after today. Now there are both peace-loving animals but also dangerous hunt animals that attack us directly. Run away futile! Met her in the early game a wolf or wild boar, you can write your equal Testament. After a Bildschirmtod you have the last Score Reload what you can reset pretty far. The autosave interval can be adjusted while is, however, located by default at 30 minutes.

If we succeed but to kill an animal, it missed the game, telling us that we roast it to a campfire and eventually consume. The problem of missing impressions appears repeatedly. While there is an extensive Help menu, the game is not particularly good at it, to point one out. The flora in the Middle Ages, however, is exceptionally versatile, medicinal plants on toadstools forests have to offer.

From carpenter to riches

see the animals, although all very nice, but that s about it. Unfortunately, the animation is a disaster, which is also reflected in the skins of animals. Source: PC Games The annoying search for food like Medieval Dynasty with a well-developed and diversified from crafting system. So we can cook complex dishes in the kitchen or produced in the workshop decorative items. Thereby the Setup fans among you at their expense. We can choose from a wide range of chairs, tables or lighting. be made, however, must each object individually, making it quite happens that we stand for several minutes at a place to tinker around wicker baskets made of sticks.

Coins, the currency of the game, you do not get mainly by fulfilling orders for other villagers, but by the actions of player-generated or collected items. This information is also not thrown us from the game s feet, but must be learned the hard way. We ran until eternally long around aimlessly and completed repetitive side quests like collect ten logs! and bring XY! to residents Z until we realized that these quests little money
throw and we reoriented. Instead, the NPC duties are paid by a different currency: Dynasty reputation.

Because without this no one wants to move into our village. If it falls to too low a level, we will be banished from the valley. We lose reputation, for example, the stealing of articles or bad behavior in the General. So we are forced sooner or later almost to take the side quests despite the lack of money profits. Among other reasons, also because theft is a lucrative line of business, as long as you can not catch and know what items are valuable, especially at the beginning of an adventure.

Even less satisfying than completing repetitive quests of inhabitants, is only the history of the medieval adventure.

Disappointing silent film

The plot is unfortunately more than poor, in this case, however, we need to differentiate. First, there is the chapter quests that need to complete their to expand your building limit. These consist of challenges that are initially simple and only towards the end more demanding are down, but have little to do with the story. Nevertheless, they are fun and show us again and again how far we have come.

The actual story takes place in two independent storylines: Alwins and Uniegosts history. Both of them have not exactly convincing. Unigosts orders tell a still relatively well and charmingly written history. Alwin we help the other hand, in the self-discovery as he sends us back and forth across the valley. Two quest series while missing a setting. If you expect here quality à la The Witcher will be disappointed.

The story is a nice job, if you need a break from the building, but nothing more. This aspect have asked the makers clearly in the background and focus instead on other points concentrated.

From Marc Schmidt
& Lukas Schmid
Editorial manager
15.10.2021 at 16:00



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