Far Cry 6 How to transfer the saved game of PS4 to PS5

The transfer of PS4 items to PS5 can become difficult to understand in some video games. Far Cry 6, the new production of Ubisoft Toronto and Montreal, does not make it so eUbisoft Torontoy for users. While on Xbox the mechanism is automatic, in Sony machines it is necessary to follow a few steps to achieve the same objective. Although the game introduces saved in the cloud through Ubisoft Connect, those who want to make use of this feature must raise the game manually.

In Kotaku Han prepared a guide with the objective that this process is simpler. Below we reproduce the steps you will have to give to achieve continuing your departure in the new generation machine.

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This is what you have to do to pUbisoft Torontos the game to ps5 at Far Cry 6

  1. You need to have both the PS4 version and PS5 installed on the console.
  2. Load the PS4 version and click on new game.
  3. Near the Save Slot you should see a cloud-shaped icon with an up arrow. Click there to raise the game.
  4. Next, it starts the PS5 version.
  5. Return to the new game section again.
  6. You will observe that there is an icon with the cloud, but with the date down. Click to download the starting item earlier in the cloud.
  7. Keep in mind that you can only have a rise on the cloud.

At Far Cry 6, Ubisoft hUbisoft Toronto opted for not adding manual saved . That means that the game is automatically saved at concrete moments. Other Recent Company Games Ubisoft Toronto Ubisoft TorontosUbisoft Torontosin s Creed Valhalla Yes, it allows you to create multiple saving files, which climb the cloud each time you save the game.

The title hUbisoft Toronto cruciate saved between all platforms and is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia.

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