We already have the first images of Joel and Ellie in the Last of Us series in HBO

The The Last Of US Series produced by HBO seems to go all-sailing wind watching the latest images and videos that have been filtered in networks on recording. Well, these last images has finally shown us Joel and Ellie in flesh and blood of the hand of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey respectively in the inhospitable and destroyed city of Boston. In addition, we also had the opportunity to see one of the inseparable companions of these two: Tess ; that will reincarnate Anna Torv in the live action series.

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Through the User of Twitter Thelastofusnews , we have been able to see the first real images of the actors embodied the main characters created by Naughty Dog. As you can see, they are during the first compasses of the story , where Joel and Tess have the mission of taking a girl named Ellie on the other side of the country to find a cure for the disease that transforms them into living. We talked about that it is the beginning by the place where they are: Boston , and its ambience so real and similar to the game led by Neil Druckmann, who will also direct some chapters of the HBO series.

Although there is no release date for the series, it is likely that we can see something more than the series as trailers or official images throughout 2022, and that the series was released for early 2023. Recall that the budget of the series is up to the game chapters of thrones, even arriving at 8 figures and with a gigantic infrastructure, there are many people who look forward to this adaptation, since The Afan and love that are putting in each of the chapters and production is being as similar as possible to the original work of Naughty Dog.

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