Dennis Erdmann claims for racism allegations serious allegations against Magdeburg

The Dennis Erdmann from 1st FC Saarbrücken to Racism allegations has expressed hard allegations towards Baris Atik and Amara Conde from his ex-Club 1. FC Magdeburg.

The players ATIK and CONDE of my formerly esteemed club 1. FC Magdeburg spoke in the morning before the game on August 25 (Saarbrücken against Magdeburg, 2: 1, note d. Red.) Want to hurt me in the evening. Since this did not work, I was significantly damaged for me on the basis of a picture newspaper article, said Erdmann at INstagram .

In said article, ATIK and CONDE expressed racism allegations against Erdmann. Then Erdmann was first blocked by the Federal Court of the German Football Chamber for eight weeks, but the penalty was reduced by two weeks. Erdmann was allowed to play again at the 3-2 at Halleschen FC on the weekend. However, the two games outstanding until the end of the original blocking period on October 25 were exposed to probation until the end of the season.

My life as a footballer and also as a family man was put on a hard test and almost destroyed. It was hell to fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning. I had the feeling of emptiness in me, helplessness, he wrote.

Erdmann: Without any justification

The sports court had proved it after verbal negotiations in Frankfurt / Main as proved that Erdmann against Magdeburg on 25 August insulted several oppersors with racist statements. Neither the DFB nor the players of the 1st FCM could prove these serious allegations in front of the Sports Court, said Erdmann. The DFB gave the FCM players faith without any reasoning. The DFB turned the burden of proof in the trial. At once, I should prove that I have not made these utterances.

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Erdmann was only changed to the Saarland in summer, through the six-week barrier he lacked a total of five league games. The Sports Court had its judgment on 13 September the fact that for conscious false statements of all Magdeburg witnesses and a complant against Dennis Erdmann no indications are available.

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