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The home page, entry page or Home Page in English, is the main page of a website, it stands out from other pages of the site by the fact that it is supposed to represent, to the visitor Internet user, The site on which it is clearly and strong, with its visual identity.
Typically, it informs about the owner and content of the site. It is located at the top of a pages hierarchy, possibly ranked in sections. Multilingual sites usually offer a language page per language.
The entry page of multinational enterprises sometimes contains a simple list of hyperlinks to their subsidiaries. You can also find a list of hyperlinks on the home pages of each language available, but in general the language hyperlinks are available on the home page itself, and the visitor language can be automatically detected. In sites whose content can shock, there is more often a warning and invitation, or to enter the site, or to leave it. In advertising orientation sites and some small sites, an introductory introduction animation is sometimes offered. It is usually bypassing for not wasting time. Finally, in all major web actors sites, the entrance page is also the homepage
Often, each pages of a website features, always in the same place regardless of the page, a hyperlink to the main page, in order to return easily.
Depending on the rule of the three clicks, a visitor must be able to access any page of a website following at the top three hyperlinks from the home page.

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