M nster coach Hildmann Absolk keep head in the wind

2: 2 Against the Table Last VfB Homberg last matchday, at the press conference before the match is the Bonn SC (Friday, 19.30 clock) to Münster coach Sascha Hildmann. The Münster did not meet her favorite role, phase threatened even a defeat. The crew was powerful after the game and we also know about the chance we have left, the 49-year-old. We can not stay with the Homberg game for a long time, the guys can not burden anymore. Irise, continue and keep your head in the wind. The focus is now 100 percent of the game against Bonn, everything else could be worked up afterwards.

The boys have to pay off their responsibility.

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Sascha Hildemann

With the Bonnern, a dimensional eleven waits on Friday, with two wins in a row in the back, the Rheinländer received Prussia. The BSC will be hot and throw everything into the game, so Hildmann, who had to do Münster too. Nils Teixeira is her key player pulling the threads. But Bonn works as a collective, recently won 2: 0 in Lotte. It will be a hard task.

As a clear construction site in its own team, the coach against Homburg, especially the back team saw: We will defensively change something. With the standards, we have turned the guys again. They must be their responsibility, always concentrated in the situations. Both goals against Homberg conceded Münster after resting balls, the defensive behavior left to be desired.

Three returnees for Prussia – two tangible rank

After all: After the disappointment of the last week Hildmann are available again a few fresh actors. Luke Hemmerich, Manuel Farrona Pulido and Marcel Hoffmeier return to the squad.

With a victory, Prussia, currently in rank five of the Regionalliga West, could jump to the second place, eat a point behind leaders red-white. The BSC will want to build on the strong performance of the last two games, with a threesome is temporarily rank 13 possible. After the tenth matchday, Bonn was still on the last, the 20th place.

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