The creators of Mortal Kombat could be working on Multiversus a fighting game to the super Smash Bros with DC characters Harry Potter or ESDLA

Netherrealm Studios , creators of Mortal Kombat, could walk Working in a fighting game Super Smash Bros., called Multiversus and with characters of DC, Harry Potter or ESDLA .

Although it is still a mere rumor, which we have been able to know thanks to the fact that Comicbook is collected. The Chicago-based study is owned by WB and has already created injustice and mortal Kombat.

Now, this style as the game of Nintendo is what is striking. In the original publication of Rumor in Reddit, anonymously, you did not pay much attention to the beginning.

But that changed because shortly after being affirmed, A brand register appeared by Warner Bros. Of something called multiversus , so now is Internet comid

The new game of Netherrealm Studios is a Crossover fight for Warner Bros. New IP, to be technical , Filtration said ; Alleged at the moment.

It is based on Smash Bros (and now Nickelodeon All Stars, but leads to development before this one was announced, and it is a title by teams.

I m not sure if that refers to double combats, changes or if everyone is a couple … what I know is that there is synergy among some characters what would give rise to certain personalized teams.

Filtration continues while appointing characters that would be added, such as Shaggy, Gandalf, Tom & Jerry, Batman, Pedro Picapiedra, Mad Max, Johnny Bravo, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley .

Does this mean that, for example, other characters like Harry , may not be added by license issues? We will have to wait to check if this at the end thrives .

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I said that the origin of the game was due to various Memes of Shaggy, which in its form ultra instinct , came to the mortal franchise Kombat , I was still commenting on this .

Of course, and of course, Netherrealm Studios was not going to add to Shaggy to a game like mortal Kombat, so everything was shuffled in WB, who loved the idea of ​​combining IPS .

The filtration ends up saying, while concluding, stating that it has no idea when the game will be revealed, it may even have it affected.

But it also confirms that its development has already U time , in addition to something like this can be displayed during The Game Awards 2021 in December can be on the table .

Say all this, grabbing it with tweezers because the last word has its developer . Yes, the brand registration has added gasoline to the rumor, but p I harsed not having come forward by one or other reasons.

At the time of publishing this article, both Netherrealm Studios and WB Games remain silent, that yes a fighting game with with DC characters, Harry Potter or ESDLA sounds interesting, right?

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