Diablo II Resurrected suffers serious connection problems

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It has been little less than a month since it was launched Diablo II: Resurrected for all current platforms. In his early days, players of xbox began to report connection problems, but it seemed that the game worked well in the other consoles. Well, that was not the case and these problems have climbed so much that users already require reimbursements.

Specifically, players of Diablo II in United States, United Kingdom and Asia have been suffering from constant disconnections, while Blizzard has not managed to offer a definitive response. Via Twitter , the official support account of Blizzard only gives generic answers that do not really provide a solution.

As part of our continuous research on the problems of these last days, our team will be monitoring and actively reacted to the situation during the peak hours of play and there could be periods of time where the logins or creations of game sessions Limited.

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[ D2R] as Part of Our Continued Investigation Into The Issues Over The Past Few Days, Our Team Will Be ActiveLy Monitoring and Reacting To The Situation During Peak Play Times and There May Be Periods Where Logins Or Game Creation Are Limited

  • Blizzard CS – The Americas (@blizzardcs) October 13, 2021

As a result of all these problems, people have already begun request reimbursements from the game through sites like reddit and the twitter itself.

The game is unpackable during the hours that I am available. Soon, I will be doing other things with my time. I have not been able to use the product that you buy.

It seems that Blizzard has not responded to these requests for reimbursements, but if the situation does not improve in the short term, surely things will be very ugly for these developers.

Editor s note: Have you already seen why it is important that games do not require constant connection to the Internet? I understand why Diablo II LO does, however, if you want to play on your own there should be no reason why the title requires you to be connected.

Via: Kotaku

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