Pok mon Go Coach angry about new research breakthrough A new low point

November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. He has 30 days. November starts with the same day of the week as March and except in manual years as well as February.

The research breakthrough in November 2021 BePokémon Go is currently causing criticism in the community. Why is the selected Pokémon in the eyes of the coaches so bad? We show you the discussion.

Which research breakthrough is? If trainers in Pokémon Go conclude field research on seven days, then you will receive an encounter with a Pokémon as a reward. Every month the Pokémon changes.

In November 2021, Skallyk is the research breakthrough in Pokémon Go. And the selection does not taste the coaches at all. Is the Pokémon so bad?

Research breakthrough in November 2021 with SkallyK

???? Legendary pokemons in research breakthrough | pokémon go.

What is this for a Pokémon? Skallyk is one of the types inappropriate and flight and comes from the fifth game generation. His development is Grypheldis.

Skallyk is not new in the game, you can find it in Pokémon Go for some time now. However, so far only as a loot from the 12 km eggs.

How strong is SKALLYK? The basic-form SKALLYK has no significant strengths. His further development Grypheldis, however, is a good choice for coach struggles. In the overview of gamepress.gg, Grypheldis reaches 4 out of 5 points in the Superliga and is thus at a height with Duodino, Flungle and Alola Raichu.

In the hyperliga, GryPheldis also reaches 4 out of 5 points and is thus similarly divided into Feelinara, Dubeoss or Pixi.

Why is the community dissatisfied?

That s how coaches: The announcement of research breakthrough with SkallyK arrived badly at the coaches. On Reddit PokecrAfter320 writes Skallyk as a research breakthrough. We have reached a new low point.

The comment is discussed diligently. So writes Half-Right: What? SKALLYK is much better than most other research breakthroughs that there were. Grypheldis is still relevant in the superliga and in the hyperliga.

But many other trainers replace that they have already seen the bird so often and hatched. I hatched so many diaper birds that I actually exhaused an extremely angry sigh when I saw the breakthrough. SKALLYK is my most healed Pokemon lol writes spookycoops

And there are many. SKALLYK is so common in the 12 km eggs as a prey that it is unnecessary to receive further specimens through research breakthrough.

I am looking forward to the Raidbosses but the research breakthrough is bad. SKALLYK is a thing you do not want to get from the 12 km eggs. What makes you think [Niantic] believe that we want it in research breakthrough? KillerTapir asks about Reddit.
Skallyk is a lot, much better choice than Makabaja but also much, much worse than many other Pokémon you could choose. It is a 5/10, says Dahks on Reddit.

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This is the problem: Many trainers want a stronger research breakthrough that has greater importance in the game. Especially at the beginning of the research breakthroughs, the choice fell very different.

In September 2018, trainers were really looking forward to research breakthrough, because the gamblers brought the legendary Pokémon. From the legendary Pokémon, nothing can be seen in the breakdowns for a long time.

How do you like skallyk as a choice for research breakthrough in November? Do you find the Pokémon well and look forward to it or have you already collected so many copies from the 12 km eggs that you do not need any more? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with our community about it.

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