A Fortnite movie is a possibility that every day grows harder

Fortnite is one of the social revolutions promoted by video games in recent years so it is not surprising that at Epic Games are arising to bring the game to cinema. And that is doing as part of the plans for the entertainment division of the firm.

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That we see since the environment The Information – Eurogamer \ – since the income of the firm have been affected by the impossibility of expanding more on mobile devices, especially after its legal battle with Apple. So Touch Expand List. Therefore, they say that the realization of a film that would help to reinforce its coffers has already been discussed.

Also, if we tie Cabos, Several former employees of Lucasfilm have joined Epic Games this year, which still points more strongly at a possible cinematographic project. Although, at the moment, there is no idea when or how it can be done.

How would a Fortnite movie be like? There are many options, especially considering that the game has had numerous Crossover of the world of cinema or television. In addition, his characters and style are already an icon of popular culture.

The game has enough Lore, made up a dozen seasons, to increase your universe and perhaps make something revolutionary or transmedia. But, at the moment, it only has to wait to know what ideas the study has.

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