Champions League Atletico Coach Diego Simeone will Liverpool

'I Don't Shake Hands' | Diego Simeone Press Conference | Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid
Also at the Champions League second leg between Atletico Madrid and the FC Liverpool (from 21 clock in the Liveticker), Diego Simeone wants to deny his handshake to his opposite Jürgen Klopp.

I do not like shaking hands after the game, because there are emotions of two sides, which are in different emotional worlds, said Simeone in the preliminary game.

He himself does not interpret the gesture as a sign of mutual respect. I know it s tradition in England, but I do not share them and I do not like the falsehood that it possibly involves. I do not like to adjust me, says Simeone.

Reds coach Jürgen Klopp took the announcement left. If I had known that he does not like that, I would not have been going on him, says Klopp. I assume that we will give ourselves the hand before the game. But this is no problem for the team manager of the Liverpooler.

Already in the first leg Simeone had waived the obligatory handshake after the game. I never shake hands after the game, I do not like that. It s just not healthy – for the winner and the loser, said the Atletico chef coach at that time.

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Especially for the Madrilen, the second leg against the PL club is trend-setting. In a defeat, the premature threatens in the CL group phase. Liverpool is first the group B. In the first leg two weeks ago, the Reds could decide the duel with 3: 2 for themselves.

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