Fate 2 video game supervisor is still discovering secrets about his own video game

Fate 2 game director Joe Blackburn recently discovered of a subtle Vanguard tribute hidden in plain sight, and undoubtedly we re as surprised as he is.

I was yesterday years of ages when I learned that the level up icon is Ikora s bond, Blackburn tweeted today. Based on an additional tweet referring to Blackburn s deal with the Vosik fight in the old Wrath of the Device raid, this symbol was selected years earlier, which is additionally information to us.

Blackburn has gone to the reins of Destiny 2 for fairly a long time however was apparently only recently educated of this throwback by one more Bungie staffer, releasing art lead @eclittlejohn, which simply mosts likely to reveal how simple it is to lose track of little information amongst the video game s plenty of moving components.

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This might come as a shock to some players considering that leveling up actually isn t a point anymore. Today, we just improve the Power level of our character by placing shinier as well as shinier trousers on them. Apart from the battle pass, which still utilizes the exact same symbol for XP limits, we have not actually gained conventional experience in ages. But in the past, you leveled your character and after that included Power (or back in the day, Light) in addition to that, kind of like the reverse of the base Power and also Artifact Power we have now, so level ups were far more typical.

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By the way, this throwback has actually also advised us that Destiny utilized to force you to level up your guns to unlock their last rewards on top of enhancing their Light level, and also currently we re really grateful that we just see Ikora s bond on the season pass now.

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