Google Chrome gets an upgrade some features are now much faster

Given its use on more than 60% of devices that can use an Internet browser, Google Chrome has become an important functionality of Internet browsing. It s popular for a reason, even if it s certainly not perfect. But with a new update, Google has made the use of their much more fluid navigation experience.

The main feature of this update is a faster search speed. This only applies to the omnibox (the search bar at the top of your screen), but since that s where most initial searches tend to head anyway, it s a increase of speed that you will probably feel. Extract from an official blog article: Search in Chrome is now even faster because the results of the search are preloaded if a suggested request is very likely to be selected. This means that you see the search results faster because they have been recovered from the web server even before selecting the query. In fact, our experiences have revealed that search results are now 4 times more likely to be displayed within 500 ms! »

This next update applies only to systems operating on Chrome OS, but given the importance of computer memory, this should be a pleasant surprise: Chrome OS displays a total reduction of the Memory footprint of 15% in addition to a browser process memory by 20%. Reduction, improving the chomebook navigation experience for simple and multiple tabs. It is thanks to a new memory allocation program called ParticipantAlloc – which has been part of the Chrome package for some time now, but since its launch, they have been able to collect the data needed to formally catalog the changes. So, for those who sit here under a mountain of tabs I swear I m going back to these at a given moment, you can be comfortable knowing that it puts less pressure on your system than the normal.

Finally, the blog post leave us a last treat. Some time ago, a new cache system has been added to Chrome. Initially designed to improve performance and start speed, he contributed to a browser crash bug. They explain in more detail the causes of the plantages in their blog article, but for most people, all you need to know is that the new cache system is no longer included in any of the chrome processes.

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