A strange ADV A Space for the unbound blooming in the 90 s Southeast Asian stage Development status reporting with the development status Plan of the trial version INDIE LIVE EXPO WINTER 2021

Space in South East Asia: Overview of the Space Ecosystem - SpiSEA Webinar #1
Chorus Worldwide is the latest development status of the adventure game A Space for the unbound Flower that Moniker Studio and TONE Productions will handle Moniker Studio and TONE Productions at the Indie Live Expo Winter 2021, November 6, 2021. Was released.

The stage of this work is the 1990s Indonesian King down. A high-school couple Atom and Ray who have acquired the ability to enter the heart of people are drawn to solve the mystery of the world that is destroying while interacting with various people. You will be.

According to the Chorus Worldwide official Twitter, which is responsible for PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo switch version publication, the development status of this work is good. Before the expected 2022 release, you may be able to prepare the opportunity to experience the player.

For the following report of this work, we will continue to go with the official site or official Twitter. A Space for the Unbound Blooming Flower will be released in 2022. In addition, PROLOGUE which can experience the game introduction in the STEAM version (Publisher: TONE Productions) is also delivered.

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