Mass Effect Legendary Edition Source Code Lost DLC Pinnacle Station that has been not recorded and MOD appears

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This DLC WON’T BE in Mass Effect Legendary Edition - An Exploration of Pinnacle Station
Electronic Arts released on May 14, 2021, BioWare Development SF Action RPG Remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Mods that add DLC Pinnacle Station that the source code could not be recorded in this work has appeared.

Pinnacle Station is an extended content for the Series 1st Works Mass Effect. Since this DLC is recorded in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, there is a history of not communicating with the Demiurge Studios of Demiurge Studios and the part of the time, and could not find the source code and backed up.

Pinnacle Station DLC published by Nexus MODS can play maps and modes for DLC. The MOD Community Site ME3Tweaks posts the history and technical details about this porting project. In addition, some bug fixes and balance adjustments are also conducted from the original version.

In addition to English voice / subtitles, this MOD supports Spanish, Italian, German and French subtitles.

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