Moondrop KATO IEM Evaluation

Moon drop has turned into one of the most amazing brands in HIFI, delivering hit after hit in its mid-to-upper array line. Last year, I examined the AXIS, the firm s mid-range single-dynamic vehicle driver front-runner. It was an outstanding offering and an outstanding introduction to the brand name. After greater than 2 years of R&D, Moon drop is back with its successor in the NATO. Built from stainless steel, and featuring the business s new 10 mm Ultra Linear chauffeur technology, is the NATO a deserving successor to the AXIS?


Existing Price: $189.99 (HIFI).
Newly-Developed ULT Super Linear Dynamic Vehicle Driver.
3rd Generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) Compound Diaphragm.
Compatible Nozzle Layout.
3rd Generation Patented Anti-Blocking Acoustic Filter.
Freshly Created Spring Silicone Ear Tips.
Expert Adjusting Adhering To VDSL Target Response.
High-Quality Copper Thick Silver-Plated Wire.
Gold-Plated 2-pin 0.78 mm Connectors.

Moon drop NATO — Unboxing and Secret Includes.

The NATO s relationship to the AXIS is written all over its style, and also it s clear that Moon drop intentionally discovered particular indicate grow. Take package– the product packaging and discussion are comparable, yet the NATO is plainly stepped up with fancier packaging that opens up like a publication.



Moon drop is a master at discussion, which s clear here. From the Moon drop offers embossed on the internal cover to the method which the displays are displayed, nearly jewelry-like, alongside the accessories. Inside package, we have a wonderful synthetic leather bring instance, a silver-finished copper wire, six sets of S/M/L ear pointers (3 each silicone as well as memory foam), and also a set of alternating brass noise tubes. It s a complete bundle, and also it all feels well-crafted.

The earphones themselves are stunning. Like the AXIS, they re constructed from stainless-steel, yet the NATO utilizes a new metal powder injection molding procedure, which has actually enabled them to bevel the surface a bit like a gemstone. I was sent the matte version, however it s likewise readily available in a mirror surface. Also, the matte version does a good task of catching the light and playing with shadow for a very distinct appearance. If there s one thing you can state concerning Moon drop, it s that they understand exactly how to make fine-looking earphones.

Inside the metal shells is the firm s all new Ultra Linear Technology motorist using a diamond-like carbon diaphragm. The product is rigid yet resilient, permitting it to promptly and exactly move within its magnetic field. The internal wall surfaces have actually additionally been created with an uneven surface area as well as stage overview components in an effort to lower standing waves and also distortion. According to Moon drop, this layout enables greater vibrant variety, boosted accent, and much better sound stage.

One more development is that the audio tubes are currently replaceable. The pre-assembled tubes just screw off and can be changed with a second brass set. I battled to determine a distinction in between them, but it s wonderful to see them included no matter. Must anything happen to the initial, you ll be able to switch to the brass and proceed listening to your earphones.

The cable on the NATO definitely really feels greater high quality than the AXIS, however in the end, I still find the AXIS much easier to handle. The NATO s cable television is thicker and rather than a rope-like pigtail is two coiled hairs wound around each various other. It looks wonderful and also works penalty (and the steel ends are a really great touch that offers it a costs feeling). The plastic coating on the outside seems a little thicker, however, which makes the cable television stiffer and also more vulnerable to hang up on things. If this troubles you, it utilizes a typical 2-pin connection so is easily replaceable.

Moon drop NATO — Comfort and also Fit.

I battled to find a great fit with the NATO with silicone tips. The diameter of the audio tubes is huge enough that I needed to pull my left ear back as well as truly function it in there to locate a great seal. If I moved way too much (also simply functioning at my work desk) it would certainly occasionally come loosened as well as require to be reseated. I have not had this problem with many various other earbuds, yet the NATO isn t the first I ve encountered it with, so this has more to do with my anatomy than a fault of the earphones. Still, if you have smaller sized ears, know that fit might be a concern.

Fortunately, Moon drop consisted of foam ear suggestions which aided (yet didn t totally solve) me get over that obstacle. It s an embarrassment, due to the fact that I choose silicon, and specifically the brand-new Spring suggestions Moon drop has actually made for the NATO. They have a one-of-a-kind look and sound excellent with an appropriate fit.

In spite of their angular appearance and steel build, once you find the proper suggestions, they re remarkably comfortable. They re not as well hefty and also aren t uneasy to have versus your skin. Those little angles truly don t press or stab as they appear like they might.

Moon drop NATO — Listening Perceptions.

After investing the last few weeks examining third earphones, it was freshening to come back to a solitary dynamic driver that can be found in under $200. Any individual that tells you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get a great-sounding earphone does not understand what they re discussing, and the NATO proves it. Buck for buck, this is a version for the type of efficiency you need to anticipate at this cost factor.

Moondrop Kato | Great and enjoyable ????

The NATO is a warm headphone, however not overly so. Listening to Jonny Craig s Going Under, the bass can be found in deep and also reduced, giving the tune a large, reverberating foundation. When the kick drums can be found in, they have strike and also adequate rate that they appear sensible. Switching to Areas s Bleeding Mascara (throwback post-hardcore FTW), the machine-gun kicks were clear an express when lots of headphones (including the Aria) can not maintain and become muddy.

Mid s are definitely strong. There s lots of detail in the guitars. Transferring to Areas s Right Side of the Bed, the layering in between the tracks (instruments) truly shines through, which is excellent for syncopated harmonies. Going the other instructions with Cohered as well as Cambria s Pearl of the Stars is no less impressive. Acoustic guitars have an extremely reasonable and also comprehensive noise that virtually shines when 2 are playing at once.

Highs are clearly tuned up, yet I really did not locate the NATO to be sibilant or fatiguing at secure listening levels. High hats, cymbals, as well as bells bulge and include shimmer. Shown up too loud, they could become fatiguing, however the very same holds true of most earphones. If you like to jam out, it s something to bear in mind and might be smart to use an EQ in those instances.

Among the more remarkable high qualities of the NATO is its sound stage. Some of Moon drop s advertising insurance claims show real below. For a closed-back earphone, it feels surprisingly vast. Imaging as well as placing in that headspace stands out as well as very easy to translate. This likewise makes it a suitable option for some unplanned video gaming. They still won t contend with an open-back video gaming headset, but turn on Dolby Atmos, and also you may be surprised how qualified they are.

For its cost, it s likewise remarkably experienced at excavating out detail and also resolution in music and also video games. If you have an ear for fine information in music, the NATO don t dissatisfy. Take a song like Ecstasy Trigger by Cohered and also Cambria. There is a lot taking place because track, and also I have actually listened to it for almost 20 years. I know that song from top to bottom, and can the NATO enable me to listen to the tiny subtleties like the structure of the portion, unclean guitars, also on the initial, lower top quality recording.

Final Ideas.

The Moon drop NATO is a deserving follower to the AXIS. It delivers excellent audio high quality as well as is well priced wherefore it provides. I only want it fit better, but with memory foam suggestions, I m still able to hear them to their greatest possibility. If you have actually been searching for a step-up from your Star field or Aria, this is a worthy selection.

The item explained in this article was offered by the supplier for assessment purposes..

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