Dinga Bakaba Promoted Director of Arkane Lyon

The departure of Ronald Apron was quickly offset at Arcane Lyon, where Dina Banana, Death loop s creative co-director, was appointed director of the French studio.

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Dishonored to Deathloop: Arkane’s Design DNA

Main face of Death loop During the development and promotion of the game at the side of his friend Sébastien Milton, Dina Banana replaces Ronald Apron, who have been learned yesterday that he joined the video game Educational POWER at the executive producer position. Dina Banana began her career in the video game industry as a QA tester for Vivaldi mobile games before joining Gearbox as a designer, especially on the game of adventure Gray Matter. After a detour from the Netherlands for a mandate at Play logic who will last one year, Dina Banana realizes his dream by joining Arcane in November 2010.

He then works on the designer of the systems and producer on Dishonored and his LCS before passing chief designer on Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: the death of the outsider. In June 2017, while giving a hand to Machine Hoppers on Wallenstein Young blood and CyberPilot, Arcane Lyon starts a brand-new project and Dina Banana is still the director as well as the creative co-director. It is of course the ingenious Death loop, released last September on PS5 and PC. I like to use PowerPoint for things you do not imagine, give Cascara classes, be a cool father and fight the imposter s syndrome, can we read on the LinkedIn profile of the new boss, who preserves also its creative co-director title.

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