The Tomorrow Children Cue Games for re releases SIE and a Right Transfer Agreement Social ACT that ended in November 2017

Queue Games announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment and THE TOMORROW Children (Tomorrow Children) have signed a transcription contract.

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This work is a social action that was started from September 7, 2016. From October 26, 2016, it was also released as a basic play free title, but the termination of service on November 1, 2017, was announced.

By concluding this right transfer agreement, Queue Games aims to re-release this work. We also reveal that we will notify the development status for revival.

Director and Queue Games CEO Message from Dylan, a founder

I would like to thank the fans of The Tomorrow Children. The cheering of the fans has been strongly boosted. Our fans are the world s wonderful gamers and continued their dreams for all four years. By this decision, I am very happy to think that the fans will take into the crazy world of Neo Soviet Union after the world destroyed.

Next, I would like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment, which helped to return IP to Q-Games. Everyone s effort to come here is full of gratitude to everyone involved.

The tomorrow children, Baznadinka

Currently, we are repeating the game adjustment and improvement daily, so please see this process and want to participate. Changing in a very good direction, we intend to re-start with The Tomorrow Children. Please look forward to!

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