Netflix One Piece Live Action Cast finally revealed with video

Dropped pirates, devils and lots of nostalgia: For a while, it has been known that the streaming giant Netflix is ​​working on a live action adaptation to the acclaimed anime and manga phenomenon One Piece, among other things, serial creator Ericeira Odd is involved Being! Considering the many more moderate Netflix-produced live action adaptations from the past (Bleach, Death Note, etc.), then that is certainly a pleasing message. Skeptical are fans but still. No wonder, consider how wrapped, colorful and unusual the original template is.

Now, however, there are finite the first hand proof info, among other things, which hatch the actress talents into the iconic roles of the straw hat band. With a sympathetic announcement video and the one-piece typical bounty stains, the five main straw hats were revealed. The video can be found here!

One Piece NETFLIX Live Action Cast REVEALED: The Actors Playing The Strawhat Pirates SEASON 1
The actors of the straw hats are finally known — who plays with?

Let s just go through the series: the most important member of the straw hatband and certainly the most exciting casting decision is of course captain and protagonist Monkey D. Ruffy, who has been watching his dream for over 20 years, to become the king of pirates and the legendary treasure to find the Go D. Rogers.

For Ruffy, the Mexican actor INAMI Godly was selected, which has so far only a little act experience according to IMDB — fortunately! Especially with such an iconic figure of pop culture, it is helpful to choose a rather unknown actor! In the introductory video, the 21-year-old exudes a lot of Élan and Charisma — in our view a great choice!
One of the biggest phenomena of pop culture: One Piece is one of the most popular anime of all time and adorns itself with an unimaginably large fan base — even after 20 years running time! Source: Kane Continue with a friendly name: For the red-haired Navigator of the straw hatband, Name, Emily Rudd was ceded. Although that is not an established Hollywood star, but it could recently become aware of the Fear Street produced by Netflix Fear Street films.

The other announced members are the Japanese Mickey (Pacific Rim: Uprising, Ni No Zuni film adaptation), the Zorro, the right hand Ruffy, embody, Jacob Romero Gibson as sysop and tax Skylar in the role of the cook of Kanji. Who now misses characters like Chopper, Nico Robin or Frank, who should know that the series designed on ten consequences will focus on the beginnings of history, at that time the straw hatband consisted of only the characters already equipped with skill talents.

A good choice of Netflix? Does that fit the manga template?

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Outline of the fan community will always give it with a live adaptation of a manga (or anime) — especially when the over 20 years old! But we find the choice is actually hit pretty well. Considering additionally the interesting statements of creator Ericeira odd himself, then one can be quite satisfied with the casting decisions.

In 2015, Odd was known in the so-called Shitshow where Bosh Sure (short SBS), a small corner within the One-piece manga, in which ODD fan questions are answered, which nationalities have the different straw hats. The nationalities indicated by ODD are:

Ruffy (Brazil)
Zorro (Japan)
Name (Sweden)
Sysop (Africa)
Kanji (France)
Chopper (Canada)
Robin (Russia)
Frank (America)
Brook (Austria)

The freshly revealed casting decisions on the part of Netflix come very close to Run. In addition, there is still one or the other info that we want to share with you.

Surname, Production Crew & the Flying Lamb — First pictures!

When researching, we have also encountered the PDB pages of the sketch talents on the episodes that make it clear again that the ten episodes will relate to the first ARC of the mangas. In it, Ruffy hits Zorro, Name, Kanji and Sysop, who then connect his crew. In addition, fans may surely look forward to villains like Along, Don Creek and Buggy, the clown. Here you find the official names of the planned episodes:

Romance Dawn
Captain of 8000 man (original: Captain of 8000 Men)
Cooks of the lake (Cooks of the Sea)
A frog in the fountain (A Frog Into the Well)
Arms and sharks (Arms and Sharks)
Mandarinenhain (Tangerine Grove)
Crewmachades (crewmates)
the end and the beginning (The End and The Beginning)
Grand Line

In addition, IMDb has a plot description we have translated for you: An alternative version of the earth located in the midst of the Golden Age of Pirates. Honored pirates dominate the seas, and only the strongest have the chance To raise the mythical treasure known as One Piece and left by the largest pirate of all time, Go D. Roger.

Years after the death of Go D. Roger, a little boy named Monkey D. Luffy dreams of founding his own team to find the One Piece and crown the new pirate king. After eating a devil s fruit, the Luffy gives the power to convert his body to rubber, he gains tremendous power and mobility. When Luffy finally becomes age, he sets the sails from the village of Fossa in East Blue and begins his great adventure to become the next pirate king.

This is exactly the plot of the original story, yet it is interesting how faithful one remains the template. Responsible for the series are beside Ericeira Odd of the filmmakers Marc Jobs (Marvel s Daredevil, Marvel s The Punisher, Netflix s The Witcher), Tom Hyndman (among other things known for the 2014 animation series Harley Quinn), Matt Owens (Marvel s Luke Cage, Marvel s the Defenders) And Steven Mazda, which was LOST, among other things, CO-Executive producer.

Fans even got a first look at the iconic ship of the straw hats, the Flying Lamb (in the original the Going Merry). Zorro-actor Mickey shared some pictures on Instagram, among other things from the pirate ship of the crew.
Netflix One Piece: Live Action Cast finally revealed with video — much new info! (2) Source: Mickey Instagram Account: @ Mickey.1116

That says Ericeira Odd to the live action series?

Recently, Ericeira ODD also issued a statement, which of course we would not like to be withheld (of course):

We worked with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on the huge project that is the Hollywood live action series adaptation of One Piece! How many years is it that it was announced, right? I know, I know! But Be assured that we have made constant progress all the time!

It s not easy if you work with people from different cultures! But just this process is that it can produce something special! Now we can now announce the main occupation! However, we have to hurry and announce them, otherwise she will be safe! Uremic, lol. Their faces, the size of their mouths and hands, their charisma, their way of moving, their voice, their acting skills, their body size, the balance of the straw hat crew, etc…!

We have decided after numerous discussions with people from all over the world for this occupation! These are the people who will be our straw hat pirates! It will take a while until the show is done, but we will continue to do our best to deliver a show from which we are convinced that you will enjoy everyone in the world! Look forward to further updates in the future!

When the live action series will appear, unfortunately is currently not clear. At least we know that currently turned into South Africa. As soon as there is a first trailer or new exciting information, of course, you will learn from us.

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