No Bock on Cod Vanguard Hunt Showdown has a huge advantage

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Each year, a new Call of Duty, and every year I notice: On a Hunt: Showdown it does not come close. Because a property is missing the classic Cod multiplayer includes: the unique reward feeling.

Hunt: Showdown — a brutal entry

My first pleasure with Hunt: Showdown I had until a year after publication. And, a real pleasure was not. Rather, a frustration full entry with countless deaths. Something that was in the multi-players of the Call of Duty series for me never the case.

Despite the brutal entry me was clear: So must Shooter The last Cod multiplayer I have therefore played only fleetingly — Vanguard I have not summarize beginning!.

Again for laymen — What s Hunt: Showdown?

In mode bounty hunting of the first-person shooter from Creek duos, trios or lone wolves with up to twelve hunters selectively occur on a large area of ​​three Western cards against each other. The goal is to to make one or two boss monsters find to do with the prey to escape.

On your way to the goal you ve got to a variety of smaller opponents either make or bypass. It will be exciting when another hunter or even a whole team interferes. For this is the moment where you have to act calm and clever as you score the adrenaline through the body.

And here invents Hunt: Showdown the shooter genre new: The sound design allows your opponents blind to locate accuracy of a meter. You can read every step to hear, identify each fired a weapon and use the world and its noise traps to your advantage. In nine out of ten cases, the confrontation still ends with your death.

If you die, you lose your hunter and your entire equipment — no Respawn. And you often die in Hunt: Showdown. Because headshots are one-shot kills, and otherwise you are after two aimed shots Teabag material. After the death of a hunter you have to start again with a new, inexperienced hunters and level up to expand its capabilities and to raise money for new weapons. True to the motto: Live. The. Repeat.

I compare apples and oranges here?

Hunt: Showdown is obviously an Art Battle Royale — specifically a Pope (Player vs. Player vs. Environment). Except for Call of Duty: War zone the classic multiplayer shooter series of follow a different principle. For me the attraction but not related to the game mode together, but with the implementation of the reward.

The multiplayer of Call of Duty is designed for fast action. I kill, I fall, I will kill, etc. In the latest offshoot Vanguard is the top of that faster than the predecessor. In the end, I expect a statistic with the kills and deaths and new unlocks. That should motivate me days, weeks or even months, but that does not do it.

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What makes Hunt: showdown properly and Call of Duty wrong?

Huntsville: Showdown I can also see how many enemies I have done, but rewards are not one-dimensional, and the reward feeling works differently. I can finish without Kills a game successful and will be rewarded with a still living hunter. I can do it with the loot, the better. If I survive shootout and even kills achieved, the statistics at the end of the game is unparalleled confirmation.

The weapons I freely turn, have Hunt: a completely different value showdown. Expensive weapons increase the chances in the match, but I die, I lose them. But after a death I can at least learn from mistakes because I can always understand (almost) what went wrong. This can also be a form of reward and all this does not exist or only partly in Call of Duties More players.

Of course, just in the shooter genre gun play, weapons feedback and -Balancing important criteria. The proven shooter of our time go wrong in this matter. However, I find modern shooter may be quiet again longer trust to not only meet the standards. And yes, I look at you, Call of Duty.

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