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Godot (ゴド ー, God?) Is an imaginary personality of the ACE Attorney series. He is a district attorney, which appears only in the third video game of the collection, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Adversities. He has actually tanned skin, white hair and also an electronic visor. Furthermore, he drinks a lot of coffee, frequently approximately 17 mugs by trial, according to him.

The world was still shocked by the terrible events of the 11th of September, in US television, the first episode of Scrubs and Japan opened the Ghibli Museum — we are in October 2001.

On the twelfth day of the month, a game appeared for the Game Boy Advance, which should first come to the West on detours and celebrate a success there, which is unusual for the niche genre in which it is home to.

Of course, we speak of Phoenix Wright s first adventure, which is located in the original Rakuten Taiwan: Yomigaeru Rakuten is accompanied by the rise of the young lawyer Rich Naruto. We know and love him as Phoenix Wright, we should make Europeans but only many years later on the Nintendo DS.

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The beginning of a steep career

The but again! Reliable, the old friend of Phoenix Wright is attracting the wasps like a cake. We have to help him as a lawyer! Source: Mortgages but now we still wander a little further back to the past. Namely, Ace Attorney in 2000: Shinji Miami, then Cap com employees and no one less than the inventor of the Resident Evil series, gave his colleague SHU Tatum six months to develop a game according to Tatum s ideas.

And in fact, in the desk of Tatum, a prototype was still an adventure that he had to sing at the end of the 1990s. An important, if not the most important element, was the dialogue system for him, he wanted to refute the player s statements. In Tatamis early designs was not provided that one embodies a lawyer. First, it was planned to play a detective — a classic protagonist choice for a mystery adventure, perhaps this approach was therefore not pursued.

The next idea was to be innocent under murder conservation and to be represented in court, as its own duty defenders should be an idiot. So Winston Payne existed for many years before Phoenix Wright? Finally, Tatum came to the realization that one could embody a lawyer as a protagonist, presumably, because then several cases can be treated instead of only one.

Typical Adventure is not control of the area by the area, but looks at stand paintings of different locations. Source: Mortgages In addition, Tatum attracted the lawyer subject as one had such a real underdog in the lead role. What, why underdog? This is related to the Japanese justice system, which works culturally a little different (e) than with us in Germany.

Only from the middle of the 19th century there was something like lawyers who defend defendants — as harmony and community feel important pillars of Japanese society, it was already a shame to end up in court, or supposedly to conclude with the law in conflict Whether innocent or not. The interest of worried with a lawyer for further vertebrae was only available in rare cases.

Miles Edgeworth, Star Prosecutor and Rival of Phoenix Wright, is one of the most popular figures in the whole series. He even got his own gameplay! Source: Mortgages Meanwhile, there are lawyers in the realm of the rising sun who do the same job as lawyers in other countries, but the condemnation rate is significantly higher than 99 percent of cases above the other states (in Germany, the quota is something in Germany More than 80 percent). This has a variety of reasons and is also because comparatively few cases are even brought in court.

Either way, it is extremely unlikely that one of the murder defendant is acquitted — unless, of course, he is represented by Phoenix Wright! Since the death penalty is still imposed in Japan, there is a lot on the game, which contributes to the tension in the virtual courtroom.

As in real life?

Using my Danganronpa skills to solve these cases - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney #1

Of course, Ace Attorney should not understand as a realistic simulation of Japanese case law, the Adventure uses the judicial system only as a rough foundation to tell unrealistic but nevertheless cases. The developers even had negotiations and were amazed that it is rather quiet and gestured in court, very different from in the game. This artistic freedom was allowed to care for more tension!

Another source of inspiration Tatamis does not come from Japan, but from the US: As a fan of the chewed TV detective Colombo, Tatum decided to let the players in the first chapter of the adventure in advance who is the killer. In the television series, that is usually the case, because it is about all that the resourceful investigator is involved in the lies and supposed alibis of the offender.

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