Off at FC Schalke 04 for Ibisevic A Liberation

In his active career, Vedas Ibises played for numerous Bundesliga clubs. The commitment to FC Schalke 04 was disappointing for the ex-attacker. Now the Bonier has expressed himself to his S04-out.

In the summer of 2020, Vedas Ibises moved from Bertha BSC to FC Schalke 04. The royal blue should help the 37-year-old with his experience today. But instead of going in Gelsenkirchen on goals hunt, Ibises quickly fell in disgrace at the crisis area. As a result, the contract was already resolved again in November 2020.

It was unhappy, Ibises looked back in the interview with transfermarkt.DE on his misconceived Schalke adventure: But in retrospect it was a giant experience. But I would do it today and act as well.

Raul's Schalke Farewell - Schalke vs. Hertha Berlin - 2011/12
The Routinize did his worried at that time. Before I do nothing, I wanted something to be a very experienced player who is just before the end of his career, says Ibises.

His opinion had not so good at the Schalke responsible. But honestly: For me, that was in the end a liberation, because it would have been very difficult for me, simply to go on, Ibises commented out in the scarf, which as a result of the Bundesliga descended.

Ibises: Training Off at FC Schalke Not the trigger

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During his short time on Schalke, Ibises caused a sensation, especially with a confrontation with the former assistant coach Waldo. However, the training OFF was not the main reason for the shortly later dismissal.

Regardless of this situation, which gave it in training — which can happen in a team where it does not run well — I received the invitation to talk to the then Ibisevic playeds board John Schneider already one day before the incident. Therefore, it was already Everything planned, Ibises revealed, which is now working as a striker coach at Bertha BSC.

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