Xbox Game Pass Subscribers get new bonus

Xbox Game Pass is a computer game subscription solution from Microsoft for use with its Xbox Collection X/S as well as Xbox One gaming consoles, Windows 11 and also Windows 10, as well as Android and iPhone tools through Xbox Cloud Video Gaming. Xbox Game Pass gives individuals accessibility to a turning brochure of games from a series of authors and other premium solutions, including Xbox Live Gold as well as EA Play, for a solitary month-to-month membership rate. The solution was launched on June 1, 2017, while Xbox Live Gold subscribers received concern access on May 24. Customers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming because September 15, 2020.

Game Pass Ultimate members can look forward to another bonus: After the Xbox service already Crunchyroll trial subscription has added, now comes yet another streaming service free to try with it.

Update of November 17, 2021:

Game Pass Ultimate expands its streaming offering for subscribers further. First, the service a three-month free subscription for had Anime streaming service Crunchyroll added. But that s not all: YouTube Premium is available now for three months free included in the membership.

Normally, the Premium service costs 11.99 euros per month. This sum can save three months her so if you want to try out YouTube premium over your Game Pass Ultimate account. The Trial offer, however, applies only to new YouTube premium members. (Source: Xbox)

Update of November 12, 2021:

Xbox Game Pass: A paradise for Mod-users?

In a video presented Xbox, which will allow the forthcoming update of the app for PC users. So PC games can continue from the Microsoft Store or the Xbox Game Pass be installed in any folder and with unrestricted access.

Подробная инструкция как покупать игры и подписки через Аргентину. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

This means that users have more freedom and opportunities in the installation of games and is also the benefit of mods much easier. You can select the specific file path where each game will be installed.

The update is available now for Xbox Insider.

In official video learn her what everything is new:

Original post November 10, 2021:

Microsoft s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides a range of games and EA Play has a decent service. But it gets even better, because subscribers can soon look forward additionally Crunchyroll Premium.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Perfect for anime fans

As part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks surprised Microsoft subscribers already with special offers and collaborations with brands like Disney +, Back 4 Blood, Fallout 76 and Apex Legends. Perks are additional free member benefits for all Ultimate subscribers. Should you be one of them, you can, you now have the free use of Crunchyroll Premium: Mega Fan happy — whether on the console or PC.

Members can from now for 75 days without advertising Anime enjoy. About 1000 Series you have to choose from and just one hour after the premiere in Japan. Included are big names like One Piece, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and many more.

In the official trailer can see what you can look forward, among other things to you

Crunchyroll: How and by when you get the offer?

The 75-day trial subscription will get you on the Perks gallery on your Xbox console on the Xbox app on your PC or via the mobile Xbox Game Pass app on Android and iOS. Once you have accepted the offer, you will be on the Crunchyroll website forwarded to activate your subscription — that you have however only until February 8, 2022 Time.

Caution! The offer applies only to new Crunchyroll customers and should you not cancel the free trial subscription, extended the subscription fee. The enhanced Premium Membership Mega Fan offers you offline playback and simultaneous streaming to multiple devices. The cost is doing to 9.99 euros a month or 99.99 euros a year.

(Source: Xbox)

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