Viktoria Cologne without two offensive columns in Meppen

A test match, as no coach wishes, has completed Viktoria Cologne in the country break against VFL Bochum. It is not the end result (1: 2), which Olaf Jansen is a headache, but the injuries with two of his players.

Hong already operated

Highlights | SV Meppen vs. Viktoria Köln
Both Captain Marcel Rise and Storm Hope Spoken Hong had to be replaced by the Bundesligavers violated. While cracks only were a muscle injury, the 18-year-old South Korean retired a fracture of medium hands and had to be operated. He will certainly be in the coming weeks, Jansen said at the press conference.

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Hong had just come in a ride, the 2-1 success at Turkkücücü Munich achieved his first goal this season. In the serious away game in Happen (Monday, 19 o clock) Jansen must rebuild his last as successful starting start, as the first alternative for the attack, the Swede Nikolai Miller is in question. But Albert Punjab (37), who recently shot three goals in the regional cup against SSV Burnham, may hope for use.

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