Arcane Jinx Actress talks about giving life to the iconic League champion of Legends

Arcane, the new Netflix television series associated with the world of Lisa de legends, has been fashionable since it began to launch at the beginning of this month. While the developer Riot Games has worked on other multimedia projects such as arcane in the past, this program is largely the first time that many fans have been able to see some characters of the game come alive in an important way. To that end, one of the stars now has opened on how that process was when giving a voice to her character.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

In an interview with, arcane The voice actress she Parnell spoke more about how she was playing Jinx, who is one of the most iconic champions in the history of legends. In comparison with many other characters that appear in arcane, Jinx is a bit wild, which leads to Parnell to say that she had a lot of fun when doing the work of voice. It was super fun. Very rarely you receive a character like this in your entrance tray, especially when it comes to an animation, Parnell said. Its as if there was no limit for what you can do, right? Because you are doing three tolls back and flying from buildings and blowing things with toy monkey pumps. There are so many things, it is completely from another world. Its as if you could really get to explore the full range of your vocal cords. Its like being a child, and Im playing to believe. Furthermore, it is the best work in the world.

Parnell continued to also explain that much of her exposure to Legends emerged with an investigation she did before working on arcane. As such, she did not have many preconceived notions of Jinx or her character of her from her video game, which allowed her to give her own touch to the performance. I think its better like that because its not going to influence my interpretation, she explained. I think if I had heard the voices in the game, I would have influenced me subtly and probably would not have achieved the role. That is my line of reasoning ».

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At this time, we have not seen the end of Parnells performance as Jinx as arcane, he still has to finish throwing himself. The third act, which will contain the last three episodes of the series, will arrive tomorrow, November 20th to Netflix. And although this is the only television series associated with Lisa of legends that Riot Games has in process at this time, those of the study have made it clear that they could go more in this world in the future.

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