Premiere for Boll and Co First table tennis

This has not yet experienced Time Boll in his more than 20-year-old profile lives: this Tuesday, a table tennis world championship in the US begins in Houston. In sharp contrast to their geopolitical rivals from China, the United States in this sport is still a developing country. According to Bolls own experience, this also expresses itself in that the quite enthusiastic spectators sometimes in the middle of the ball change.

The contract for this World Cup, the Americans got anyway. On the one hand, to open a sports enthusiastic market. And on the other hand, to remember the ping-pong diplomacy exactly 50 years ago. At that time, Americans and Chinese expand their tensions with the help of table tennis sports. Only friendly two players of both countries at the 1971 World Cup. After that, the state leaders of both countries met for the first time.

Ovtcharov, Ma Long and EU In are missing

In Houston, the European Champion Boll is therefore one of the medal candidates, because in singles are missing several big names: the Olympic Third Dimitri Ovtcharov from their own team is not there because of an ankle injury. Defending champion Ma Long and the former world ranking EU In were not nominated by the Chinese to give some younger players a chance.

The Germans are at least remotely known. For early October, the men and women each won the title at the Team European Championship, though stars like Ovtcharov, Boll, Nerissa Sonja and Han Ying, if not played by their own drive. The Heroes of Club said Patrick Franziska and Nina Tottenham. The second big emotional story to Ovtcharovs second great emotional story brought part of epic appearances at the Olympic Games shortly before. And they themselves want these services now also confirm at the once again significantly higher World Cup level.

It was great for me super nice to win the EM and also the European Top-16 tournament. Just because you could see: the others did not play — and is still running on me, said the 24-year-old Tottenham of the Germans Press Agency. Ive been shown that Im not just a co-run, but also to the best belongings. I have always said that I can not retrieve something unconscious games and my performance often can not give me this success a lot of confidence.

Houston prepares for World Table Tennis Championships
Opportunities in double and mixed bigger

Middle Ham and Franziska are in Houston in single, double and mixed at the start. Since the single competition of a World Cup more Chinese, Japanese or South Korean (five per country) played as at Olympia (three per country), the chances of coming far to come in double and mixed naturally. So Patrick Franziska won at the 2019 World Cup together with Nerissa Sonja the bronze medal in Mixed. In Double, even the World Cup title seemed possible until his partner Time Boll had a strong fever on the day of the quarter-final.

We already said that we are attacking again. We will do that in Houston, said the 29-year-old Franziska. Team EM and Top 16 were ideal for me. Now Im very well-prepared, just because I last played so many matches.

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