Icarus RayTracing pre game with RTX Global Illumination and DLSS in the video

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A taste of the new technology has given NVIDIA recently in a video showcase. Icarus also supports the image smoothing and performance-enhancing Deep Learning Oversampling of Nvidia (DSS) and Meanwhile costs steam regularly 24.99 euros, but will be 10 percent by 13 December with an introductory discount of 10 percent.

RTCG enables dynamic, realistic rendering for games by calculating diffuser lighting with ray tracing according to developer report. It modeled more realistic, as light of surfaces is thrown back (indirect light) instead of restricting the light that meets directly from a light source to a surface (direct light). This allows for infinite light reflections and soft shadows that show how light and colors are thrown back from nearby surfaces.

For Icarus, according to the developers, this means that you can see more details in the undergrowth, which is shaded by trees, and has better illumination in caves. There are also forest fires reflected by soon burned huts, beautiful drop-ship starts and more details at night. Meanwhile, shadows should have more details and fewer dark stains, while the lighting changes when bases are built or trees.

Information about Icarus:

Icarus is a session-based EVE survival game for solo players or up to eight players in the coop. To explore a brutal wilderness after a failed terraforming attempt. Survive long enough to reduce exotics, then turn back into the orbit and make more advanced technologies. The release on Steam is planned for 4.12.2021.

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