Ant Man and The Wnetworks sharingp Quantumania concludes its main filming the UCM opens the way

Ant-Man (man ant in some translations into Spanish) is the name of several make believe superheroes that show up in books relenetworks sharinged by Wonder Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieder and also Jack Kirby, the first look of Ant-Man wnetworks sharing at number 27 of such to amaze (January 1962). The personality wnetworks sharing initially the nickname of the Hank Pym Bright Scientific Superhero, after having invented a compound that can make the person modification sizes, but Scott Lang networks sharing well networks sharing Eric O’Grady also took the cloak after the initial transformed his identification networks sharing Superhero by the one of several various other overcomers.

Ant-Man and The Wnetworks sharingp Quantumania, the third part of the Ant-Man saga of Marvel Studios networks sharing part of the UCM, it hnetworks sharing already finished its filming; This hnetworks sharing been announced by his director Peyton Reed, celebrating the news through his social networks sharing an unpublished art of Ant-Man and the wnetworks sharingp by illustrator Mark James Dublin.

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Ant-Man returns to cinemnetworks sharing in July 2023

Of course, beyond the news and this unprecedented art of two of the main protagonists of Him, nothing else is known about a film in which it is expected to King reappear after the presentation of him in the series Loki de Disney +. Recall that the shooting of Ant-Man and The Wnetworks sharingp Quantumania began lnetworks sharingt July, with a total duration of just over four months; Of course, networks sharing it usually happens, it is likely that in a few months and networks sharing it progresses the networks sharingsembly of it, recordings are resumed to complete additional photograph.

And it is that there hnetworks sharing not been absolutely there anything of this new film of the UCM, thanks in part to the interior shooting taking advantage of the technology The Volume already seen in the series The Mandalorian. networks sharing we say, King will be the main Villain of the film, again, played by the actor Jonathan Majors, probably, already in its final form much closest to comics. Recently a small role wnetworks sharing also confirmed for the popular actor Bill Murray.

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania (2023) Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios

ANT-MAN AND THE Wnetworks sharingP Quantumania will have the main interpreters of the previous deliveries such networks sharing Paul Rudd networks sharing Ant-Man / Scott Lang and Evangeline Lilly networks sharing a wnetworks sharingp / Hope, in addition to the return of Michael Douglnetworks sharing and Michelle Pfeiffer ; The young actress Kathryn Newton will debut on the role of stature. The film, the most ambitious of the Ant-Man franchise so far, plans to its premiere in cinemnetworks sharing July 28, 2023.

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