Smile Gate Lost Arc Patch Spill Staff Disposable Measures

The Smile Gate said that MMORPG has dismissed one employee who leaked internal information.

Smile Gates announced on the 25th of 16 bullets and released their own research results. Last October, has a problem that the contents of the patches in the game and the balance adjustment history of ‘BASER’ ‘in the game are leaked. According to the announcement, the company has investigated the information leakage, and as a result, the company has confirmed that the employees of the Smile Gate RPG have shared the contents that the employee has learned from the job.

DJ's Smile - Applying Secure Denture Adhesive

As a result, the Smile Gate has investigated the transition account of the subject account, and the staff joined the staff was disciplined. The Smile Gate promises additional investigations and said, If you have a new discovery in additional investigations, you will be able to guide you through separate notice.

The Smile Gate said, I would like to say, I will say, I will apple my heart, I will apologize for myself, he said, I will help the company inside the company as a matter of the abuse of a critical authority that will never occur. The company plans to prevent recurrence such as reinforcing security education programs for prevention of information leakage for all employees.

Finally, the Smile Gate wrote I will constantly try to enjoy the game with peace and fairly.

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