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The cold season is here. Time to devote the video games extensively at home. Survival games are doing quite well, and you get at Steam currently in a double pack — even cheap.

Gain Green Hell and Medieval Dynasty at the top price

The Black Friday is here. Everywhere prices are reduced and Steam can not miss the chance to deliver a few very good prices during this time. For example, the Games Green Hell and Medieval Dynasty would be, in which they can save 20 to 25 percent by December 1st. If you buy the games in the bundle, you even save another 10 percent.

We introduce you to the games

Green bright

Green Hell is a survival simulator with Open World. You are alone in the jungle and have neither food nor tools at hand. You have to go to a dangerous journey, while the loneliness affects not only on the body, but also on the spirit.

To survive, you need a shelter, tools and weapons to hunt and defend you. Both wild animals and tropical diseases make life difficult for you.

The developer of Green Hell describes the game as Psychothriller, because the psychological aspects of survival under extreme conditions are focused. You do not only have to fight against the environment, but also against your own minds, your weaknesses and fears.

(Source: Green Hell)

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a mixture of survival, simulation, fight and playback. Her travels back to the European Middle Ages and there is not only the task of building a village, but also protecting your people from countless dangers of this time.

Survive hard winter and transforms your village into a magnificent city. Supply of your followers by ordering fields, go hunt and prepare for the respective seasons. Be your successful, she creates a blooming dynasty.

(Source: Medieval Dynasty)

Sum bundle at Steam

No playful incentive for you? Then we recommend you The Long Dark.

The Long Dark is a exploration and survival game, which prompts you to survive after a geomagnetic disaster in an extended frozen wilderness. There are no zombies — just to you, the cold and all the threats, the mother’s nature brings with him.

Until December 1, 2021, you get the game at Steam for 10.19 euros instead of 29.99 euros, so saves 66 percent!

The Long Dark at Steam

The game is also available for the PlayStation:

The Long Dark — [PlayStation 4]

Green Hell VR IS The VR Survival Game We've Waited For! | Exclusive Gameplay

Now from €39,90 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 26.11.2021 14:08

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