A new production department in Death stranding Kojima Production is a new production department that specializes in video and music etc

Kolyma Production, which developed Death Stranding, who led Kolyma Video, announced that new divisions specialized in music, TV and movie images have been established on November 22 bottom.

This department of newly established in Los Angeles, California, California, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and anime movie that has been published in 2016 in 2016 in the United States in America. RILEY RUSSELL, who served as an Executive Producer of Ratchet & Crank The Movie.

He says, This new department is mission to work with talented professionals with talented professionals with the creative of television, music, movie, and game industry.

Death Stranding: Inside Kojima Productions | Newsbeat Documentaries

In addition, there is an aim in making a lot of fans to enjoy a lot of works that have a lot of works currently under development of Kolyma production It is also revealed.

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