Hertha BSC after the Dardai

On the day of his presentation as the new sporting director Fred BBC halted before any topics. A subject ran through his, well, policy statement in early June: continuity. Man, BBC said, referring to his new employer Bertha BSC, had five coaches in two years. That’s too much. We need continuity, which is the most important. First, it is now important to, reinzubekommen a proper stability in sport.

The stability seen in the summer like this that the entire offensive department has been sold or borrowed — and now have to go to Pal Cardie the man Bertha 2015 and 2021 of highly complicated each situation’s out and led to relegation, with the task given the wealth of problems and resistances significantly more difficult was this spring.

Cardie and BBC — grievances recognized early

That BBC and Cardie — both alpha males with a steaming emotionality — is endured rather than tolerated, was significantly early this season. Dandies spontaneous submissions late August ( Probably looking Bertha BSC has long been a great coach. Pal is a small, nice coach. He helps out as long as it should be ) left the conflict openly come to light. The proud Hungary, annoyed by a tough transfer window and unfulfilled staff requests, particularly for the wings, the horses went through.

BBC called the coach internally to reason — and lectured him about it publicly from. And Carsten Schmidt, at that time CEO and resigned in October for personal reasons from his post, public deficits partly in tactics and partly in readiness complained. This was the middle of summer an icy greeting to the coach, and the impression solidified that the club grandees the coach tolerate rather than support.

BBC takes no account of accumulated loyalty points

Pal Dardai fliegt! Tayfun Korkut neuer Hertha-Trainer? Was ist los mit Fredi Bobic?

That Bertha BSC again stuck in a relegation battle after 13 games with 14 points and 13 goals, falls — of course — in Dandies responsibility. What handed in his team in Munich, Leipzig and at Union, was not a performance, but an imposition. They often seemed despondent when temperament was needed — and not only left at the last minute neck strikes against Augsburg and Leverkusen miss the consequence in their own and in the penalty box. Their offensive game lacked structure, courage and variability.

Bertha BSC has persuaded in January in dire need Pal Cardie to return to the bench of professionals — and in the fall, or so it seems, to some that Pal Cardie football marveled at the club, has gotten: painful unspectacular in most sequences, but after all the costly errors and confusions of the past two years last just yet with a recognizable increase in compactness and tactical discipline. Another reason why the timing seems separation of surprising and antagonistically. BBC, this evidence is by now provided, takes no account of accumulated loyalty points.

The next step of the club Cardie not trust more — as with his recall in 2019. In his first term, in Bertha’s Bundesliga record player the club — that we must not forget — has led to the ranks 7, 6, 10 and 11 was almost never money there. And when the club icon was back in office, was practically no money anymore. It was intervening used in one and a half years for the plug of several holes and squandered in a fit of megalomania antagonistic personal. No coincidence: the two most expensive additions to club history, Krzysztof Plate and Lucas Court, were at 1: 1 against Augsburg until the final whistle on the bench.

Workout finds a limited but largely intact team

The transfer Summer 2021 was under financial constraints. For a club that rich by the investor within 26 months 374 million Euros got that raises questions that extend far, very far beyond the responsibility of the coach. The squad, was set before the Cardie for this season — without Mathews Cuba, Jodi Lukebakio, John Córdoba, Matteo Guendouzi, Demand Masonic, Luca network and a few others — united less selfish than last year, but unquestionably less individual class, And he has significant design flaws, not only on the wings and in the storm.

With them from then Taken Workout will employ, the BBC entrusted the Cardie heritage. New finds a limited but largely intact team whose sporting situation but is difficult with 14th place, far from hopeless. Pal Cardie, who always man of what is feasible and not for the big plans for the future was, would have as a starting point presumably desired in January 2021st

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