Friedhelm Funkel will not coach from Hannover 96

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For sports chief Marcus man Christoph Borowski is the right candidate for this game. Man says the Northerly on Sunday (13.30 clock) against HSV. In this game, the U23 coach of Hanoverian is sitting as a boss on the bench. No longer. That’s for sure. On Monday a new chef coach should be presented. Marcus Man holds on this timetable. From a promising candidate to succession of the trainers released on Monday Jan Zimmermann is the ex-HSV coach Daniel Thine. Man does not want to confirm that. Only as much: the Fried helm Funnel, which had appeared in the rumor kitchen, will not. There was no direct contact with him, says man.

We arrived in the relegation battle.

Marcus man

PK nach dem Spiel |  Hannover 96 - Fortuna Düsseldorf
So until Monday it should be aimed at Borowski. Creating the turnaround, as he calls it myself. In the optimal case, the three points were against the hamburgers. But HSV has not lost since 12 games — and 96 no longer won since eight league games. In the last two games against Paderborn and Karlsruhe did not even succeed again. And 96 slipped on the relegation place. We arrived in the relegation fight, says man. Everyone has to know what the hour has beaten.

Borowski leads first units

Borowski, who has been working as a coach since 2013 in 96 offspring, has headed his first units on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Whether he wants to change the team personally, he does not know yet. The training impressions to the game on Sunday still count. Of course, for the 43-year-old, however, is that the team is intact. And fit.

Compliment to Jan Zimmermann, Borowski praises his predecessor. In the 96 squad, the interim coach quality and potential sees. This potential must be awakened. After all, Borowski wants to take something countable on Sunday. And that together with HSV coach Tim Walter, together with HSV coach Tim Walter has completed the football teacher course, is certainly not a disadvantage.

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