MSI Gaming Gear Mouse Keyboard Controller Headset for every player

If you are looking for the right setup for your gaming PC, the MSI Gaming Periphery GK50, GM41, GH50 and GC30 should look more closely.

You want gaming periphery that suits you and raises your skill to the next level? Then take a closer look at this Gaming Gear of MSI. With the gaming experts you can buy a controller, a mouse, a headset and a keyboard. We introduce you to all four in detail, so you find that right accessories for you.

MSI Force GC30 V2 White Gaming Controller

The controller has to offer: If you are looking for a gaming controller for PC, Android or the consoles, then ship a look at the MSI Force GC30 V2 White. This can be used both wireless and cable. For matching feedback while playing, dual vibration engines inside.

Furthermore, there are robust switches that offer a long service life of up to 2 million clicks. For this purpose, the controller has precision trigger and analog sticks that allow smooth and supple movements. Who wants, can also swap the D-Pad Cover and thus adapt to his style.

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MSI Ease GH50 Gaming Headset

Strong sound for your ears: With the MSI Ease GH50, your gaming headset, which is above two 40 mm neodymium drivers. This will give your virtual 7.1 surround sound with vibration system, which ensures an incredible sound experience.

At the ear pups you can also set different lighting effects thanks to RGB Mystic Light. The GH50 also relies on a unidirectional microphone that provides clear and easy communication. The microphone can also be removed at any time. Of course, a headset of comfort is also crucial. The MSI Ease GH50 offers soft, fluffy ear cushions. The cable controller can control the volume and mute the microphone.

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MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Gaming Mouse


The MSI Clutch GM41 is once a wired and once as a wireless gaming mouse. So you can decide for the model that suits you more. Both are characterized by a high precision and a very light weight. In addition, the switches are designed for a high number of clicks each.

In addition, a diamond-shaped anti-slip grip is used in the design. Overall, the mouse is well suited for very fast games such as Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, Halo: Infinite and Valorant.

The wired properties:

65g weight
Common switches for over 60 million clicks

400 IPS up to 16,000 DPI
MSI frixionfree cable minimizes friction on the mouse pad and desk
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MSI Clutch GM41 Discover wired

The properties of the wireless edition:

74g weight
Common switches for over 60 million clicks
400 IPS up to 20,000 DPI
Battery life up to 80 hours
Charging 10 minutes brings 9 hours of battery life
Very low latency of 1 ms
Check all details about the MSI Center

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MSI Vigor GK50 Gaming Keyboard

The MSI Vigor GK50 mechanical gaming keyboard is available as a low profile and as an elite box variant. Both are characterized by high-quality workmanship and an ergonomic, as well as durable design. The top is made of brushed aluminum and the buttons in octagonal design. Both offer an RGB lighting, which you can set via the MSI Center.

The two key types in comparison:

The MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile:

Mechanical low profile buttons — provide high precision with the keystroke. Gamer benefit from the accuracy of the buttons and the hearing and felt feedback. Anyone who likes to write a lot can write texts with a high speed thanks to these buttons.
A moderate hub and tripping time also ensure a special accuracy when tapping.

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The MSI Vigor GK50 Elite Box: Mechanical Box White Buttons — created for anyone looking for a precise keyboard that works optimally with a slight touch of keys and a higher profile.

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